Chemical Foaming Agents for Injection Molding Applications... Reduce Cycle Times, Remove Sink Marks, and Reduce Part Weights

Bergen International has a proven line of Chemical Foaming Agents to help you maximize your cost savings in your Injection Molding processes. Generally used for weight reduction, sink mark removal and warp reduction, Bergen International Foamazol™ CFAs are added to the injection molding process in the same manor as any other additive master batch.
Use of our Foamazol™ products permit molders to increase shot speeds, reduce pack and hold pressures and times, and to reduce clamp tonnage resulting in reduced cycle times (reductions of as high as 30% have been achieved). Also, the addition of Foamazol™ CFAs allows for a reduced shot size which results in weight reduction of the parts. A 10% reduction in the weight can easily be achieved with most Injection Molded resins, and it is often possible to achieve upwards of 20-30% weight reduction with proper process design.
In addition, sink mark removal and warp reduction are other benefits that can be gained through the use of Foamazol™ Chemical Foaming Agents. One grade in particular, Foamazol™ 62, has been proven in certain cases to eliminate sink with a Class A surface.
 Whether you require reduced cycle times, parts weight reduction, sink mark removal, warp reduction, or are striving for a Class A finish; Bergen can work with you to identify the best CFA for your application. We have a comprehensive line of Endothermic, Exothermic and Endo/Exo blend CFAs; with products available for a wide variety of resins, processing temperatures, processes, and application environments.

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